This article will help you understand the post library and the benefits it provides to seeing all your EB posts associated with campaigns or just as standalone posts.

The post library serves as a repository of employer brand related posts. When you view the post library, you can see posts associated with EB campaigns as well as manually created and scheduled standalone post. 

To navigate to the post library select Library > Posts:


Key Features

The post library offers a gallery view of all EB posts, including:

  • EB campaign posts
  • Manually created, standalone posts
  • Note: it does not include automated job posts from your job campaigns


The are two tabs listed on the post library page (Campaign posts and Standalone posts)

  • Campaign Posts: these are all posts created as part of your EB campaigns. Each post is listed with the following status:
    • Queued - A new post that has not yet distributed

    • Active - The post is available to be distributed to all connected profiles

    • Archived - The post is removed from active distribution

  • Standalone posts: these are all posts that are part of your standalone post creation.
    • Queued - A scheduled post that has not yet published

    • Published - The post has published

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