This article will cover the steps needed to add tags to your assets. Adding the proper tags to your assets will match the assets to the correct jobs for your job campaigns. 

Asset tagging allows you to categorize your assets for use in posts that are distributed through campaigns in CareerArc. Following the creation of any asset, it is best practice to immediately tag and set the posting rules. This will setup all assets to be used properly across all posts in the system. 

To tag your assets in CareerArc navigate to Library > Assets.                CareerArc__6_.png

This will take you to the list view of all your media assets. Assets (media, text templates, hashtags) can all be tagged for use in campaigns. You can choose to tag your assets for job posting in bulk, or you can select them one at a time. Select the name of one of your assets to view the right-side panel and select Manage jobs:


From this page you can select the following:

  • Off: Your asset will not be eligible to be used with any job postings
  • All Jobs: Your asset will be eligible for all job postings
  • Specific jobs: 
    • Which brands: choose the specific brands to associated and be used with this assets. Assets with specific brand assignments will not be used with other brand content not tagged here.
    • Apply tags to match jobs: Selecting these job tags will narrow down where these assets can be used. You can apply tags to match jobs or you can exclude jobs from the list. 
    • Exclude jobs: choose specific tags to exclude certain jobs from your selection. Arc-Supreme-Dining-Demo-__4_.png



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