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This article will cover the core concepts of tagging in CareerArc. The job is the anchor when matching tags across the system.

CareerArc is optimized to bring your jobs and EB posts to life, and tagging is the key link to making this all happen. Tagging is the mechanism by which CareerArc connects different pieces together to automate your jobs and posts (assets, campaigns, jobs). Almost every element that you will encounter in post creation will involve some part of tagging. 

Matching tags across different elements creates a relationship for those elements, so the CareerArc system knows what to put together for your incredible posts. Some key examples of these elements are assets, jobs and campaigns.

The structure of tags is as follows: 

  • Category: tag > one category to many tags
    • Examples of categories and tags:
      • City: Boone ; State: NC
      • Job Category: Cashier; Job Category: Nursing
    • Applying these tags to job lists can help you filter on the specific jobs you need to seeCareerArc.png

When selecting more than one tag, the following operators are automatically applied:

  • When selecting tags from different categories, the AND operator is applied
    • Example: if the tags are City: Boone and Job Category: Cashier (image above), CareerArc will match all the elements that are tagged with Boone, NC AND Cashier. 
  • When selecting tags from the same category, the OR operator is applied.
    • Example: if the tags are CITY: Boone, NC and City: Appleton, WI (image below), CareerArc will match all the elements that are tagged with Boone OR Appleton. CareerArc__1_.png

Tagging with job campaigns: 

When using tagging with job campaigns, it is important to remember the AND/OR possibilities with job tags. A job campaign is tagged with job tags (location, category, etc). Job campaign tags are used to find jobs by matching tags between the campaign tags and the tags on the jobs. These job campaign rules are found under Publish > Campaigns > Jobs. Select the job campaign to view the details page and then select Manage jobs. The tags summary page will show you the list of jobs matching the AND/OR operators for the tags selected. From here you can add which jobs to include and which jobs to exclude from the campaign:


Now the job campaign has a list of jobs for which posts will be created. To build posts for the campaign, CareerArc looks at the assets and matches the tags between the assets and jobs. The job is the anchor when matching tags. Tags are always matched in the direction of the jobs:

  • CareerArc looks at campaign tags and matches them to the tags on the jobs.
  • CareerArc looks at the asset tags and matches them to the tags on the jobs. 


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