How to add native videos to the asset library

In this article, you will learn how to upload video files to the CareerArc asset library

Native videos are another great way to capture attention on your posts. Adding videos to your asset library is an easy way to give potential employees an insight into your company culture. Use videos on your job postings to showcase all that your company has to offer!

Important video posting requirements:

  • File upload requirements
    • File type/format: .MOV or .MP4

    • File size: 500MB limit

  • Best practice to be eligible for use on all platforms:

    • Resolution: 1080x1080

    • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1

    • Duration/length: between 3 and 60 seconds (Instagram has the lowest duration limit at 60 seconds)

    • File size: 100MB max (Instagram has the lowest file size limit at 100MB)

    • Frame rate: 30fps

The CareerArc asset library is the place for you to upload your media to connect to your posts and campaigns. From the asset library you are able to add, create, or edit your media assets.

Users can upload the following media types to the asset library: Images, GIFS, Videos. Note: images and GIFs must be at least 400px wide to be successfully added to the asset library. 

Steps to adding images to the asset library:

To add images to the asset library select Library > Assets:


This will take you to the asset library page, showing all the media assets already added to your account. On this page you can filter the assets you are viewing across the top of the page. Filter options include the asset name, labels, brands associated with the asset, EB Categories, job post settings, and media type. Many of these categorizations can be added and edited within the asset detail page.

Upload files

To add a new video to your asset library select Add Media > Upload files


From here you can drag and drop your files to the media upload box, or you can click to upload/select the files from your hard drive. Note: videos must be less than 500mb.


Once you have selected the file you would like to upload, select the submit option. The page will redirect to the list of assets in the system, showing the latest uploads at the top of the page. Your asset is now ready to be categorized, so it can be used in posts across the sysArc-Supreme-Dining-Demo-.pngtem. Select the name of the asset you would like to categorize. This will open the right-side panel, providing the following options on the page: 


  1. Name: edit the name of the asset. Note: this name will be displayed publicly below the video in LinkedIn posts.
  2. Labels: labels are used to categorize your assets, so you can find them easily via search. Labels are different than tagging images, and they have no connection to the automated posting in CareerArc. 
  3. Manage jobs
    1. Brands: designate the specific brands that are approved to be used with this video for posts.
    2. Job posts: If this is Off, the video will not be used for any job posts. If this is set to All jobs, this video is allowed to be used for all job posts. If this is set to Specific jobs, you can use our job tags filter to define the specific jobs that can use this video in posts. 
  4. Employer brand categories: this allows you to select specific employer brand categories where this video can be used for posts.

Once you have edited your posting rules, select Save to return to the asset detail page. The video you edited will be at the top of the page showing the name of the file, the amount of matching jobs based on your posting rules, and the EB category assigned to the file:


Files can always be edited later by selecting the name of the image and following the same steps outlined above. 

Deleting a file can be done with our bulk menu selection on the Assets page. Select the files you would like to delete with the checkbox to the left of the file and then the delete option that appears at the top of the page: 


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