Bulk importing job text templates

In this article, we will review how to bulk import your job text templates to the CareerArc dashboard. 

Note: This is only for Job post text templates, including magic jobs and job summary. 

To get started, you’ll first need to download the sample import file. This includes your instructions, a sample feed to show you how to format the excel file, and a blank import file with the columns already added and named. You’ll only need to download this set of files once. After that you can save them for your reference in the future.

To get to this file,  you’ll navigate to Library > Assets > Text Templates


Once there, click “Add text templates” in the upper right corner, and select “Import job templates” from the drop down

You’ll then see the import pop-up, where you’ll have the option to download the sample import file mentioned above, or go straight to uploading your import file if you already have these downloaded. 


Next, you can drag and drop your import file into the upload box, or click to search for the file from your computer. 

Once this loads in to the dashboard, the ‘Upload file” button will become clickable. Click this to upload your file. 

Note: If there are issues with the file, the system will notify you of these in this step. 


After you have successfully uploaded your import file, you’ll be able to review these for accuracy. You’ll be able to review the name, copy, and placeholders for each template. If everything is as you’d like, click “Complete import” at the bottom of the pop-up. 

If there are any issues with the uploaded templates, you’ll see these errors in this step. Here is an example of the error messages: 

You’ll see which row contains the error and what type of error it is making it easy for you to update the file and re-upload. You will also have the option to proceed with the import and it will exclude any templates with errors. 

After the import is complete, you’ll be taken back to the text template library. You'll see your imported text templates at the top of the page. These will also be pre-selected for you to make bulk tagging even easier! 

Note: If you import magic jobs AND jobs summary, you’ll need to have both types selected in the filters panel in order to see them all selected in the same list.


Once you have completed the tagging for these, they will automatically be pulled in to the appropriate campaigns to start posting. 


Before you start the process of creating your import file, it is important to note that the formatting of the file needs to be correct to ensure a successful import. In the sample file import files, you’ll see an example Excel sheet that shows you how to structure your templates. 

Here are the requirements for a successful import: 

  1. Must be Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx extension) 
  2. Needs to contain these three columns: 
    1. Column A: Template (text copy)
    2. Column B: Type (either magic jobs or job summary
    3. Column C: Template Name 
  3. Correct Placeholder formatting
    1. Open bracket, all uppercase, with an underscore between words, closing bracket. Here are the only available placeholders: 
      1. [JOB_TITLE]
      2. [JOB_LOCATION]
      3. [JOB_CATEGORY]
      4. [BRAND_NAME]

Note: Do not include placeholders for [LINK] and [HASHTAGS], those are automatically added to the end of every text template when imported into the dashboard.


Here is an example of how this import file should look when it's ready to be uploaded: 


Once again, we are hopeful that this import section will help save you time and resources, so you can get back to your other TA tasks! 

Should you need help creating text templates, here is a guide to help you do just that! 

Guide to writing custom templates for CareerArc distribution


As always, we are here to help troubleshoot any issues you run in to! 

Simply click “Submit a Request” above to connect with CareerArc Support, or contact your CSM directly. 

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