This article will show you how to select multiple assets (media, text templates, or hashtags and apply job tags in bulk to those assets). 

Note: Applying bulk tags to your assets will override any job posting rules that exist for your selected assets. This is also noted in CareerArc when you apply your tags to the assets:




Navigate to your asset library by selecting Assets 

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Bulk selecting assets


  • Within the asset library, click on one or more asset checkboxes to bulk select your assets
  • Bulk action options will automatically appear at the top of the asset list, including:
    • Items selected: a count of your selected assets
    • Clear: remove the selection you have made for the checkboxes
    • Job posting rules: open the job posting options to bulk tag
    • Delete: bulk delete your assets

Updating job posting rules for multiple assets

Select the job posting rules option at the top of the page, and you will be taken to the job posting rules options.


  • From the job posting rules page, select one of the three options to apply to your selected jobs:
    • Turn off - assets won't be used for any jobs
    • Use for all jobs - assets will be used for all jobs
    • Use for specific jobs -  you'll select specific tagging options
  • If selecting specific jobs, you can apply tags as you would to a single asset, including:
    • Brands
    • Job tags
    • Excluded job tags
  • After selecting your desired options, click Save to apply the changes to your selected assets. The page will update the applied changes and show you the progress of your assets updated based on your selection.Swarmy-s-Test-Pavilion__1_.png


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