Pixel tracking for completed applications (Beacon tracking)

This article will describe what pixel tracking is and how you can set it up for your CareerArc account. 

What is pixel tracking?

This feature tracks when an application is submitted on your company ATS confirmation page and identifies whether it came from a CareerArc job post/job map link or another source. Once pixel tracking is configured, application count and conversion data will be displayed on the job analytics dashboard.


Setting up pixel tracking

To setup your pixel tracking on your ATS, navigate to Settings > Event tracking:        CareerArc.png 

This will take you to the Event tracking page. Select the Application completed pixel. This will load the installation instructions on the right side of the page:


  1. Copy the code: Copy the code on the page and use this to insert the pixel on your ATS completed application page. 
  2. Paste the code: onto the final step (e.g. confirmation page) of your ATS application process. Find the <body></body> tags in your page's html code and paste the pixel code between these two tags. Alternatively, you can choose to email these instructions to you, which allows you to forward them on to your ATS admin with the instructions needed for setup.                                                                                                                                                        CareerArc__2_.png
  3. Verify installation: click the verify pixel button once you have the pixel code installed on your ATS confirmation page. This will take you to an application page in your ATS for one of your active jobs. Complete the flow as if you are an applicant. Return to the tracking pixels page and check that the pixel status displays 'Installed' at the top. CareerArc__3_.png
  4. Recent activity: once the pixel tracking is installed and confirmed, your most recent five pixel tracking events will appear in the recent activity feed. This confirms that the pixel is setup properly and sending the information to our analytics page:             Legacy-pixel-test.png

Reviewing your pixel tracking in job analytics:

Reporting for your pixel tracking can be found in our Jobs analytics section. Navigate to Analytics > Jobs:                                                                                                                      CareerArc__15_.png

Pixel analytics

Pixel metrics include:

Job clicks - The total number of times users clicked on a job post or job map

Applications - The total number of times users submitted applications after clicking on a job link published on your social profiles or job maps.

Conversion rate - The number of applications divided by the number of job clicks

Source - The platform on which the user clicked a job post (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Job Maps, Other)

Applications will show up first in the Topline metrics, showing the total number of applications based on the date range selected on the page:


Once set up, the job analytics dashboard will display an applications over time panel and will show an applications and conversion rate columns on the top performing panel.




The top performing panel will now include the applications and conversion rate for the following categories:

  • Jobs
  • Categories (job categories)
  • Campaigns
  • Locations (City, State)
  • Countries
  • Social Profiles
  • Sources
  • Brands
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