This article will walk you through the process of viewing and searching your jobs. This can help to verify the active jobs we have in our system from your job source. 

To view and search your active job list select the Library icon on the left nav bar and select Jobs.  


This will take you to the active job listings page in your CareerArc account. From here you can view all your active jobs and click on any job record to view the complete job details that CareerArc is receiving from your ATS feed. 


You can view a complete list of your jobs, including the top level information such as:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Location
  • Job ID

You can filter this job list by:

  • A keyword search on title, category, location, or Job ID
  • Brands associated with the jobs
  • One or more job tags (tags are automatically created as part of the job ingestion)


In the above search we have filtered the jobs list to only show jobs that have "technician" in the keywords AND is part of the Polaris Collaborative Consortium brand AND are either in Sherman, TX OR Plano, TX.

From this list view you can select the title of a job posting to open up the job detail screen on the right side of the page. This job detail screen will show the complete job details and may include:

  • Title
  • ID
  • Application URL
  • The date published
  • The last modified date
  • Employment type
  • Brand
  • Description for the job
  • Recruiter name
  • Hiring Manager
  • Categories
  • Locations



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