Logging in with Single Sign On (SSO)

The CareerArc platform supports the use of Single Sign On (SSO) with the Google and Microsoft 365 platforms. Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to access multiple applications with one login and one set of credentials. This allows admins to manage users across your platforms in a central place such as Google or Office 365 for security and simplicity. 


Adjusting your company settings

To enable the Single Sign On feature, you must first navigate to Company settings in your CareerArc account. 


On the company settings page, admins have an option to choose a login method. Email is our default login method. It is only possible to select one method of login for a company account. 



When you change the login method on the account, the system will lout all users out and require that they use the new login method at the next page refresh. Admins should take care when changing this setting, because if it is changed to a method of login where the the user's emails do not match in the system with the users emails in your supported platform, all users may be locked out of the system. Contact support if this happens.


Login options on the sign in page

All users will see the option to sign in with Microsoft or Google on the login page underneath the email option.


Users can only login with the method chosen at the company settings. There is no option to use multiple login methods. If one of your user tries to login using the incorrect method for their organization, they will see a message directing them to the correct login method.


New Users

New users will be prompted to create an account using the company’s preferred method (CareerArc account with email, Google, or 365). A user has to go through an invitation email to access CareerArc, if they try to login directly using one of the new SSO methods they will see this message:



Updating the login method

If you later change the login method for your organization, the next time any user tries to log in, the user will be prompted to enter their credentials for both the old and new login methods. After doing that once, they can use the new login method to enter CareerArc (without entering their old credentials).


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