Adding a new user 🎦


This article will give you step by step instructions on how to add a new user to the platform.

Hover over Settings and select Users

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The user list page will load. Select Add user at the top right of the page to open the new user creation window. Enter the name, email address, the role (user or admin), associated brands for the user, and the time zone. Select Invite and the new user will be sent an email to create their account. 


User Permissions

  • Role: there are two role options (user and admin). Admins are able to manage all company settings along with their own account settings. Users will not be able to manage the company settings, and they will only have access to their own created assets and brand associations. 
  • Brands: Users will only have access to assets and posts that are tagged with the brands associated to the user. This allows for specific content management to be applied to only the brands associated with the user. 


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