How to set up a job map

In this article you will learn how to set up and install your CareerArc job map. The job map is a powerful visual tool that gives candidates an easy way to interact with your jobs in their area OR an area that they may be interested in for a potential career move.  

Editing your job map 

To access the job map settings hover over the company settings wheel and select Job maps. (Note: only company admins have access to this settings icon). 


This will open the job maps list page where you can edit and configure your existing job maps. The number of job maps listed here will depend on the number of job maps included in your contract.


To edit and configure your job map, select the edit pencil icon at the top right of the job map.



This will open the job map details page. On the details page, you can adjust the following:

  • Name: edit the name of your job map
  • Brand: the job map will default to all brands across your company, but you can select specific brands if you need to narrow down the jobs on your map by brand.
  • Jobs: by default this is set to include All jobs. If you need to narrow down the selection of jobs, choose Specific jobs and add the the different job tags to define the specific jobs to be included in the job map.
  • Media: Select the type of media you would like to display with your jobs on the job map. This can include images tagged from your asset library, street view images from the location of the job, or no images.


Below the job map name, brand, and jobs options are the color and map pin details. The branding styles are set based on your “Brands” selection above. To change the color, logo, or pin for your selected brand, you would need to visit the Brands section in your account.

Update the map settings and then select Save.


Installing your job map

On the same job map detail page you can select the Installation Instructions tab to acquire the embed code or the link for your job map. 


Specify how large you would like the map to be, then generate the code to embed the map directly onto any page of your website. Place this code wherever you want the map to appear on your website. 

Alternatively, you can also copy the link and place it on your website, in social media posts, or in emails. Job seekers that click the link will be able to view this job map in their web browser. 






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