This article will walk you through the steps to creating an Instagram post.

It is possible to create an Instagram post as either a standalone post or as part of an EB campaign. Once you are in the post builder, you will see requirements listed for making sure your post is acceptable for Instagram posting requirements. These requirements include: 

  • Image required: Instagram posts require an image, and it must have an aspect ratio of 4:5 or 1.91:1. We recommend using our image editor to edit and prepare your images for an Instagram post. To edit your images navigate to Assets > Media and select your image. Select the edit icon to edit the image:  bug_Hunterz__2_.pngSelecting the edit icon will open up the edit image window. Select the crop icon and then scroll down to select one of the cropping options for Instagram: bug_Hunterz__3_.pngSelect the save option and now your image is ready to be used in an Instagram post!
  • No links: Instagram posts cannot contain a link. We recommend adding text that says "Check the link in the bio", so a candidate knows to look for a link in your Instagram bio. 
  • Hashtags: It is time to go nuts with your hashtags! The optimal number of hashtags for an Instagram post is 30 (but don't go over 30). We know...that seems like a lot, but trust us, 30 is a great number for catching the attention of your candidates and joining conversations across the Instagram platform. Ease into it if you like.
  • Multiple Images!: Instagram supports multiple images, so go wild. This is a great way to share an employee spotlight or company culture post.
  • Unique to instagram: If your post is unique to Instagram (uses language like "check out link in bio", be sure to only select Instagram in the post builder and deselect the other platform options (steps below).

Using the post builder to designate Instagram only:

Once you select to create a standalone post or choose to add a new post to an EB campaign, you will see our post builder with multiple platform options:



  • EB category: assign a single employer brand category to the post. This will allow you to:
    • See suggested assets that are tagged with the same EB category
    • Easily add the post to an existing employer brand campaign that is publishing to connected profiles according to their respective schedules: 
  • Post text box: create the text you would like to include with the post
  • Insert a template: if you would like to use one of your employer brand templates created in your assets library, select the link to insert a template. This will load all of your employer brand post templates with the suggested posts at the top based on the culture EB category:
  • Post options: below the text box you can add emoticons, links, jobs, images, videos, and hashtags. The asset library will automatically load options along the right side based on the assets tagged with the corresponding EB category. 
  • Posting guidelines: check the validation requirements for all posts and whether they can be used with specific platforms. 

Select Save and now your post is ready to post now or be included in a specific EB Campaign for the future. 



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