Adding a schedule to an employer brand campaign

This article will walk you through the steps to adding a schedule to an existing employer brand campaign with magic posts enabled. 

To add a schedule to an employer brand campaign select Publish > Campaigns > Employer brand:


Campaign list view

This will take you to the campaign list view for all the employer brand campaigns in your account.


From the campaign list view you can see the following:

  • Status and health: the status and health for each campaign clearly indicated and color-coded for an easy at-a-glance understanding. 
  • Social platforms: social platform indicators are listed on the right of each campaign to let you know which platforms (or hover to see specific profiles) the campaign is publishing to.
  • Default sorting: the campaign list is grouped by status (Active, Paused, Draft) with "Needs attention" campaigns at the top of each group. This allows you to focus on the most important campaigns and address any areas that need attention.

Campaign details

The campaign details show in the right panel of the screen after selecting the name of the campaign you want to view. 


The campaign details section will display the name of the campaign, the campaign description, main actions for the campaign, as well as status and health indicators. Clicking on these areas will allow you to edit the content or make changes to the assets and schedules on the campaign. 

Summary Tab:

The summary tab shows the following:

  • Campaign metrics for the past 30 days (published posts, impressions, and engagements)
  • Standard Posts: posts that are created manually and added to this employer brand campaign. Each time you add a new social profile schedule, these posts will be published first before any magic posts connected to the campaign.
  • Magic Posts: posts we automagically create based on this campaign's assets. If you have standard posts added to the campaign, the standard posts will be published first before any magic posts are published. 
  • Schedules: area to manage and update the profiles connected to your employer brand campaign

To add or manage your schedules, select manage schedules:

This will open up the schedule list page where you can add and edit the existing schedule on the page. A schedule is a connected social profile with specific times selected for posting the content connected to this job campaign. 

At the top of right of the schedule list page, select Add schedule


This will open the new schedule window, which allows you to choose the following:CareerArc__1_.png

  • Where: Select the social media profile where you want to post your EB campaign
  • When: Select the timezone and the date to begin posting
  • Summary: Choose the schedule set by CareerArc, or use the Customize schedule option to choose the Frequency (total posts, daily, weekly, monthly), and the time of day. 

Once you have completed the where and when of your new schedule, select save button on the bottom right of the window, and your schedule will be active and connected to the Employer Brand campaign.  

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