Adding a schedule to an employer brand campaign

Schedules are how you tell CareerArc campaigns when and where to publish content. You can add unlimited schedules to any campaign, set start and end dates for publishing, and more. In this article, you will learn the steps of adding a posting schedule to an existing employer brand (EB) campaign. 

To add a schedule to an employer brand campaign, select Campaigns > Employer brand. From there, click on the campaign you want to add a schedule to and you'll see its details appear on the right side of the screen. From there, scroll down and select Manage schedules in the Summary tab:

This will open up the schedule list page, where you can add and edit the existing schedules for that campaign. 

To add a new schedule, select Add schedule at the top of right of the schedule list page:

This opens the new schedule window, where you can choose the following publishing settings:

  • Where: Select the social media profile where you want the EB posts to go.
  • What: The campaign you started on will be the default selection here.
  • When: Select the timezone and the date to begin posting. You may also select an end date here.
  • Customize: Choose the posting frequency recommended by CareerArc, or use the Customize schedule option to pick how many posts go out, the time of day they publish, and on which days of the week/month. 

Here is an example of a custom schedule that will publish one post per day every Tuesday and Thursday between 8am and 4pm:

Once you've filled out the details of your new schedule, select the Save button on the bottom right of the window, and your schedule will be active and connected to the EB campaign.

To edit an existing schedule, click on the hyperlinked name under the Profile column of the Schedules list. You can also select the three dots to view/edit the schedule or to access more options like Delete schedule and Copy schedule:


EB scheduling tips:

  • Once you have your schedules and the campaign is live, verify that things look correct by using the calendar.
  • Your EB campaigns will only publish when there is available content. You can supply this content either by creating enough Standard posts in the campaign to keep up with the campaign's schedules - or by configuring Magic Posts.
  • Magic posts must be enabled in the campaign summary tab and properly tagged to your campaign in Assets before they can be published through any campaign schedule.
  • If you've added standard posts to the campaign, they will all be published as a priority and go out first, before any magic posts. Once the campaign "runs out" of standard posts, the magic posts will be published continuously until new standard posts are added.
  • Each new EB campaign schedule will start publishing your non-archived standard posts in the order they were created.

Please let us know if you found this article helpful, and don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you need any additional help!



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