Creating a standalone post for your employer brand

This article will provide the steps needed to create a standalone employer brand post. 

CareerArc has created a powerful post builder that allows you to build social media posts with ease. To create a new standalone post select New post at the bottom of the left side nav bar:


This opens the new post screen with the following options: Polaris-Collaborative-Consortium-Demo-.png

  • EB category/name associated with the post/campaign
  • Post text box: create the text you would like to include with the post
  • Post options: below the text box you can insert emojis, youtube/vimeo links, web links, jobs, and hashtags. The asset library will automatically load options along the right side based on the assets tagged with the corresponding EB category. So, in this example hashtags tagged with the General EB category will appear at the top of suggested assets: North-Star-Logistics-Demo-__5_.png
  • Insert a template: if you would like to use one of your employer brand templates created in your assets library, select the link to insert a template. This will load all of your employer brand post templates with the suggested posts at the top based on the General EB category: North-Star-Logistics-Demo-__6_.png
  • Attach Media: Use the attach media box to either add new media from your hard drive, or select the Open asset library link. This will open up the suggested media assets that already exist in your library, starting with the assets tagged to the EB category you are using: North-Star-Logistics-Demo-__7_.png
  • Posting guidelines: CareerArc will live update the posting guidelines based on the content you add to your post. This will let you know what social platforms are eligible to use this post based on their posting guidelines:

NOTE: if images are added, the image(s) will always be used as the post media. If no images are added, then the metadata from the inserted video/link/job link will be used as the media for the post.

NOTE: new images/links/videos/hashtags added via the post builder will be added to the user’s asset library


Now you can decide the posting schedule and social profile for the standalone post:


  • Post now will publish the post immediately to the select profiles
  • Add to calendar: choose to add the post to the selected profiles according to the date/time selected in the date picker within 15 minute increments:                CareerArc__3_.png
  • Add to campaign: this places the post at the end of the queue of the assigned employer brand category which is publishing to connected social profiles according to their individual schedules.
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