Magic Employer Brand posts allow you to have your Employer brand campaigns automatically published to social profiles just like our automated job distribution. Utilizing your tagged assets in the system you can take advantage of automatically assembled and distributed employer brand posts. 


Setting up Magic Posts in your Employer Brand Campaign

Employer Brand Campaigns are always created with magic posts disabled. To setup an Employer Brand Campaign to include magic posts, you must enable Magic posts at the campaign level. Navigate to Publish > Campaigns > Employer Brand


This will take you to a list of all of your Employer Brand Campaigns. From here you can either select an existing Employer Brand campaign or choose to create a new campaign. Once you select a campaign, the right side detail menu will appear for the campaign. From here you can see our Company News campaign is selected and Magic posts are currently off. 


Select the toggle option just below the Magic posts: off text on the detail page. This will prompt you to add the proper amount of media for your magic posts to start publishing. 


Select View Assets to view the assets tab for your Employer Brand campaign. This will load a detail page on the right side showing the amount of media and text templates you have associated with your EB campaign. EB Campaigns require at least 3 media assets and 5 text templates to take advantage of the Magic Posts option. In this example we have 1 media asset and 3 text templates associated with the Company News EB Campaign (note: all system EB campaigns include 3 default text templates to get the creativity juices flowing). 


Select View media assets to open a new window for your media assets. From this page we will want to select at least 2 more images to add to the Company News EB category for our Magic EB posts. Because these posts will be automated based on the social profile schedules added later, we want our images to be evergreen, meaning they can be used with any combination of text templates and assets for our Company News EB campaign. As you can see with this filtered view, we now have many images tagged with the EB Campaign category Company News, so they are all eligible to be used with our magic posts.



Now we need to add some text templates for this Company News campaign. Select Text Templates > Magic EB to view the text templates we can use for our Magic EB posts. This view is filtered to show only templates with the Company News EB category. 



Because the EB Campaign requires at least 5 text templates for the Magic Posts setting to be enabled, the system requires at least 2 more text templates. After adding these text templates, select the Magic EB texts templates and update the posting rules to include the Company News EB category. Now we have our minimum of 3 media assets and 5 text templates included in our Company News EB campaign. 


Select the View post examples to see all the sample posts that can be created by the Magic EB post setup:



Now you are all set to add Schedules to your campaign and to set the campaign as live. Standard posts created and added to your EB campaigns will be published first, and then the Magic Posts will publish automatically in your campaign as part of your social profile schedules connected to the campaign. Your EB content is now posting automagically! 

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