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This article will help explain the details found on the CareerArc analytics page. Understanding how your posts and assets are performing is key to empowering you to reach the active and passive candidates across social media. 

The CareerArc analytics page is meant to highlight the most valuable information you and your team should see when you need to access the reporting to better understands the performance of your posts and assets. 

To navigate to your analytics page select Analytics > Overview



Dashboards overview

The analytics dashboard will take you to the overview page looking at the last 30 days of your performance across the system. 


Using the filters to tell your story:


The CareerArc analytics dashboard can help you understand the story of your social profiles and the overall impact your posts are having with your active and passive candidates. Each dashboard will adjust to the Day/Week/Month/Quarter/Year filter along the top of the dashboard. As you select these different view filters, it will adjust based on the date range you have selected on the left side of the page. You can use this filter tool to adjust your date range, the types of posts you are reviewing, and the specific platforms you are reviewing. 

Topline metrics:


The topline metrics are meant to give you a quick at-a-glance view of your key metrics in the system. When viewing the topline metrics you can see the following scores:

  • Social score: the social score shows you how you are doing with your social strategy by looking at the types of posts you are publishing, your social reach as well as your engagement and job click rate. The score is topped at 1000, so the more your social score goes up, the better the impact you are having across your social platforms. 
  • Posts: the total number of posts published across your social platforms.
  • Impressions: the total number of impressions for posts published across your social platforms. Impressions track the total amount of times your posts were displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. 
  • Engagement: the total number of likes, shares, comments, and clicks for posts published across your social platform.
  • Job clicks: the total number of times users clicked on a job link from posts published across your social platforms. 

Posts and impressions:

Below the topline metrics are more graphs that help tell the story of your overall performance in CareerArc. The first graph is posts and impressions. This graph will track the overall number of posts across your platforms compared to the impressions you had in each of those platforms.


Top campaigns:

The next reports on the dashboard will show your top EB campaigns and your top job campaigns. This will list them out the top three of each, showing the engagement rate for EB campaigns and the job click rate for your job campaigns. 


Total EB engagement

The total EB engagement graph will track your total engagement across all your social platforms. This will help you understand the top performing social platforms and provide some insight on different strategies you might want to take, depending on the overall performance of your platforms. 


Job posts by platform:

The job posts by platform graph provides an overall view of all your job clicks across your social platforms. This can quickly tell you which platform is performing the best and where you might want to spend some more time developing content and assets to increase the job clicks across your social media posts.


Followers by platform:

Track the overall progression of your follower count by your social media platforms. This can be helpful when comparing to the last 7 days vs monthly and yearly. Where do you need to build up your followers? This graph can help guide you!  


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