Exporting job data

Exporting Job Data

After reading this article you will be able to export a copy of your job analytics from the jobs tab. 

The CareerArc analytics section highlights the most valuable information for you and your team. This includes reporting to better understand the performance of your posts and assets. Within the job section specifically, this is where your team can deep dive into all things jobs and where you’ll be able to export the data. 

To navigate to your Jobs analytics dashboard select Analytics > Jobs

Once here, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Export job analytics data” Button shown here: 

After clicking this, you will see a pop up for you to select your preferred date range for the export. The default is set to the date range you were viewing when you clicked the button to export, but this can be adjusted. Once you’ve confirmed your date range, select “Begin export”



Depending on the date range you’ve selected, this file could take seconds or a few minutes to be ready for download. You’ll see the “Download file” become clickable once this is ready, as well as a notification on the bottom left letting you know this is complete. Note: if you do not want to wait for the export, you can simply close the window and access the report via an emailed version. 

Regardless of if you close out of the export or not, you will still receive an emailed copy to you. 

Here is an example of what those emails look like: 

Now that you know how to export the data, I am sure you’re wondering what data is included in the export.

The system compiles the data into a .xlsx file that contains the following tabs:

  • Summary: Unique Jobs Posted, Hours Saved, Posts, Clicks, Job Map Clicks
  • Jobs: Job ID, Brand, Title, Category, Location, Country, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post, Twitter posts, Twitter clicks, FB posts, FB clicks, LinkedIn Company posts, LinkedIn Company clicks, LinkedIn Ambassador posts, LinkedIn Ambassador clicks, LinkedIn job listings clicks, Job map clicks
  • Campaigns: Campaign, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post
  • Categories: Category, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post
  • Locations: Location, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post
  • Countries: Country, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post
  • Social profiles: Profile, Platform, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post
  • Sources: Source, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post
  • Brands: Brand, Posts, Clicks, Clicks/post
  • Job Maps: Job map, Clicks

Should you want to learn more about the breakdown of these metrics, here is another helpful article to walk you through them in depth: Understanding the jobs analytics dashboard


As always, we are here to help troubleshoot any issues you run in to! 

Simply click “Submit a Request” above to connect with CareerArc Support, or contact your CSM directly. 

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