Connecting or reconnecting your Instagram business account can sometimes prove to be a little tricky due to the more complex nature of Facebook and Instagram's APIs. This troubleshooting guide will help if you are not seeing your Instagram business account listed when you're working through the steps to connect your account OR if you are facing the error below when trying to reconnect your Instagram business account after it's become disconnected.


Steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Head over to Facebook and navigate to the list of Pages you have access to (or click this link). Click on the Page that is linked to your Instagram business account.

  2. Once you're in your Page, click Settings and Privacy from the Avatar drop down and choose Settings: Screen_Shot_2022-09-16_at_11.27.40_AM.png
  3. We need to make sure your Instagram account and your Facebook Page are properly linked together. Click Linked Accounts in the left hand sidebar and then select Instagram.                                                                                                 -1-Settings-Privacy-Facebook.png
  4. Once in Instagram settings, you should see your Instagram account connected to the Page. You should also see a section that says "Managing connected accounts". In this case, please continue to the next step. -1-Facebook.png If you see a screen that differs from the image above, it means your Instagram account is either not connected to your Facebook Page, or it hasn't been converted to a business account.
  5. Next, we need to make sure your personal Facebook profile has the admin role on the Facebook Page that is linked to your Instagram account. From the Settings page select New Pages Experience > Page Access. (Note: if you do not see "New pages experience" select the "Page roles" option. You now need to look and see if your profile has full page access/full admin access. -1-Facebook__1_.png
  6. You’ll need to see your Facebook profile name with "Admin" listed beneath it under the "Existing Page roles" section. Note that if it says "Analyst," "Editor," "Advertiser," or anything besides "Admin," your connection will not work. If this is the case, you'll need to get in touch with your Page admin and ask them to grant you the admin role.
  7. Finally, we need to check that CareerArc has all of the permissions required to access your Facebook account. Click on the small drop down arrow at the top right of your screen and then click Settings & privacy>Settings. From there, click Business integrations on the left hand side (or click this link).
  8. Find CareerArc in the list of integrations and click View and edit.
  9. In the pop up window, we need to ensure that all Facebook Pages are checked in all sections as shown below. Each section may need to be expanded by clicking See all Pages. Note: If you don’t see any individual Pages listed in the following screens, it means that you’ve previously granted CareerArc permissions to access all Pages, which is the ideal setup.                                                  Troubleshooting-Instagram-connections-_-Buffer-Help-Center.png Troubleshooting-Instagram-connections-_-Buffer-Help-Center__1_.png

  10. Once this is done, try connecting your account to CareerArc again.
  11. If you still see the same error, or you didn’t see Pages to add in step 9, you'll need to remove CareerArc from Business Integrations in Facebook entirely, in order to then reestablish the authorization for CareerArc for access your Facebook account with the correct permissions. You can do that by checking the box next to CareerArc and clicking Remove. -2-Settings-Privacy-Facebook.png
  12. A window will pop up asking if you want to remove CareerArc with a check box at the bottom. Leave both check boxes unchecked and then click Remove-2-Settings-Privacy-Facebook__1_.png
  13. Now head back to your authorization email and attempt to connect your Instagram account again with CareerArc. If you continue to see issues, please contact CareerArc support
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