July 5, 2022: Post to Instagram

Now available: automated publishing to Instagram! CareerArc users can now easily create and share employer brand posts that reach Instagram’s huge audience. 

This amazing release Includes the ability to connect Instagram social profiles, manage assets for use on Instagram, create EB posts for Instagram, connect Instagram schedules to EB campaigns, and to see specific Instagram performance metrics displaying in our analytics section.

  • Profile authorization
    • New “Instagram” option in the “Add profile” dropdown option in the Social profiles section
    • Authorization flow goes through Facebook but isolates the profile options to only show Instagram Arc-Supreme-Dining-Demo-.png
  • Post builder updates
    • Validation requirements added to make sure your posts are optimized for Instagram and other social platforms.
    • Platform eligibility added to the post builder, allowing the user to choose which platform a post is eligible to be used.                                                     Arc-Supreme-Dining-Demo-__1_.png
  • EB campaign standard posts
    • Instagram-optimized posts can be added to EB campaigns and will only be published to connected Instagram profiles/schedules.
  • Analytics
    • Instagram post metrics are now part of the Overview page where applicable
    • An Instagram-specific analytics page has been added to track all analytics associated with your Instagram posts. bug-Hunterz.png
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