Link your Instagram account to your Facebook company page

Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook company page will allow you to authorize your Instagram profile to be used in EB campaigns at CareerArc.

As part of the Social Profile authorization process, you must link your Instagram business account to your company Facebook page. First, make sure an admin of the Facebook company page has admin access to both the Facebook page and the Instagram account for the purpose of linking them together. Second, be sure to convert your Instagram personal account to an Instagram business account


Linking from Facebook:

  1. Log in to your Facebook company account and select the Pages option in the left menu: Facebook.png
  2. Select the company page you would like to link to your Instagram account: Pages___Facebook.png 
  3. Scroll down on the left side of the page to the bottom of the Manage Page menu and select Settings:                                                                          Arc_Supreme_Dining___Facebook.png
  4. The left menu has changed to the Page Settings menu. Scroll down on the left side and choose Instagram from the left column menu:                              Arc_Supreme_Dining___Facebook__1_.png
  5. Select Connect account and fill in your Instagram username and password: North_Star_Logistics___Facebook.png

Now your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook company page, and it can be added as one of your social profiles for EB Campaigns.  

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