Using Magic EB Posts to tell the story of your company culture 🎦


Magic Employer Brand posts allow you to have your Employer brand campaigns automatically published to social profiles just like our automated job distribution. Utilizing your tagged assets in the system you can take advantage of automatically assembled and distributed employer brand posts. 

The beauty of magic posts is that it saves you and your team time, while telling the story of your brand to all your followers and potential candidates on social media. In this example we are going to look at how we can use Magic EB posts to tell the story of your company culture, allowing you to sit back and watch your Employer Brand content post on an automated basis, so you can free up your time for other pressing matters. 

Prepare your assets for Magic Posts

Start by navigating to your Assets page, so you can have the proper amount of media (images) and text templates for your magic posts. In this example we are going to make sure our assets our linked to the EB category of Culture. 

To open your assets, navigate to Library > Assets


Adding Images

If you already have images in your media library that show off your company culture, you can simply edit the posting rules to include the EB category of Culture. We are going to use the Pexels library to search for some photos that show a fun culture that looks great for our brand. In this example we opened the Pexels library and searched for images that showed a fun/party atmosphere. The idea here is that we want images that will convey how fun it is to be a part of our company. Images specific to your own culture and attitude of fun would be great to add here as well. 


Once these images are added to our media library, we will select each image to open the detail screen, so we can update the posting rules on the image to include the EB category of Culture.


Now we have our images properly linked to the EB category of Culture and all the images are ready to be used as part of our Magic Posts. 

Adding Magic EB text templates

Next we need to create the text for our magic posts. CareerArc includes three Magic EB text templates for each system EB category, but we need at least two more to allow Magic Posts to start posting. To get to our five text templates needed, select Assets > Text Templates > Magic EB. In this example we have filtered our EB category to Culture, so we can see that we still need two more text templates to meet the requirement of five text templates in our EB campaign. 


To create a new Magic EB text template select Add text template > Magic EB


Name your new Magic EB text template and provide some text that can be used with every image you have added to your campaign. We want this text to be something that can be used in all situations.


Once you save your text templates, be sure to click on each template to update the posting rules and add the EB category of Culture. Now we have a list of five Magic EB templates that we can use as part of our Magic Posts. 




Editing and activating your EB campaign

We've done the work of adding images and text templates to our Asset library, and they have all been linked to the EB category of Culture. It's time to manage the campaign under Publish > Campaigns > Employer brand. This will open the campaign list view. Select the campaign you want to edit to open the right side panel details window. 


By default the Magic posts setting is set to off. Toggle this setting to On to see the details of the Magic posts setting. If we did not have enough assets, the detail window would prompt us to add/update our media and text templates. We can view the existing assets linked to this EB culture campaign under the Assets tab of the right side panel: 


View your post examples to see how the system will automatically use the media and text templates you have linked to this EB culture campaign for automated posting of your Employer Brand content:


The Magic posts will now be included in the cadence of your Social Profile schedules for the EB campaign Culture. Manage your social profile schedules by selecting your campaign name and then selecting Manage Schedules on the right side edit panel:


Selecting this Manage schedules option will allow you to add and edit social profiles for this EB campaign. With Magic Posts turned on, CareerArc will automatically post your EB content based on the assets provided and the Social profile schedules linked to your campaign. You now have the power of Magic Posts creating the Employer Brand content for you, saving you the time you need to focus on hiring the right candidates! 


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