As an admin in CareerArc, you may find it necessary to manage, delete, or resend invitations for your social profiles. This article will teach you how to view and manage profiles that have not yet completed their invitation to connect.

View your invited profiles

To get started, go to Publish > Social profiles from the left side menu. 


The default view on this page is for profiles of all Statuses, which includes both invited and connected social profiles. 

  • Active, Paused, or Needs attention statuses apply to profiles that have completed a previous authorization, either by invitation or direct connection.
  • Pending and Invitation expired statuses apply to profiles that were invited but have not yet connected.

Filter by Pending to see profiles that were invited to connect but have not yet authorized.

Filter by Invitation expired to see profiles whose invitations have passed their 3-month limit and need to be renewed.


Manage your invited profiles

Click on a profile to open up the right-side panel of information and actions for that invitation. This panel shows you details like the email the invitation was sent to, when the invitation expires, and any campaigns the profile has been scheduled to.

    • Note: no posts will publish on the profile until the authorization is completed.

From here, you may also take actions: edit the profile nickname, resend an invitation, copy the invitation link, or delete the invitation.

  • To edit the profile nickname, click directly on it.
  • Use the three dots next to the profile nickname for more actions.
    • Resend invitation: send another social profile authorization invitation to the user listed. Selecting this option will reset the expiration date on the link and push it out another 3 months.
    • Copy link: copy the invitation link so it can be sent outside of the CareerArc system. This is a great way to send a link directly to your user via your own email client or possibly an internal chat system. 
    • Delete invitation: this will delete the invitation from the system, and the link originally sent will no longer work if a user tries to authorize their social profile.


Please contact our world-class support team if you need any further guidance on managing your social profile invitations. We're here to help!



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