Inviting a brand ambassador or recruiter to connect their social profile

Connecting a social profile to CareerArc allows automatic distribution of job and employer brand posts to that page on behalf of the page owner. This is an integral part of our automated distribution service!

To further the organic reach of your job postings and employer brand, we recommend connecting the social profiles of recruiters and brand ambassadors to spread the word of your company to their vast networks. To invite a recruiter or brand ambassador to connect their social profile, do the following:

Select Publish > Social Profiles   


Choose Add profile from the top right of the page and select the social channel you would like to connect.


This will take you to the authorization profile page. Because this profile is managed by another person, select the Create invitation option. 


This opens the Create invitation page. From here you will enter the email address, and first and last name of the person that manages the social profile you'd like to connect.

Alternatively, if this person already has a user account in your CareerArc company, you can choose the Select a CareerArc user instead option. This will open a drop-down list option of users already in your company account.

Finally, you can opt to add a custom message to the email invitation, so it includes any instructions or customized language for your team. 

Kevin-s-Playground (2).png

Selecting continue will provide two options:

  • To copy the invitation link to send to the user personally via email or work channel OR
  • To click send email to send an automatic email from the CareerArc system* with any custom message added at the time of creating the invitation.
              • *This email comes from an email address, so if your company has extra-strong spam filters you may want to follow up with the user to ensure that they received it. You can always come back later to copy the invitation link instead!



The email generated from the send email button will directly send your brand ambassador or recruiter an email that looks like this (but with your custom text instead!):



When the user selects the Connect profile option, it will take them through the authorization process for the page they are connecting.

First, select Connect profile and enter in the correct username and password for the social profile. This will always be the personal credentials used to log in to each platform (even if you are connecting a company page, it will be the personal credentials of the page admin).




Then select the profile you would like to connect (if you are the admin on any pages, they will show up here):


 Lastly select save and see the confirmation that your social profile is now connected to CareerArc:


Once the user authorizes their social profile, the admin that invited the user will receive an email notification from CareerArc letting them know the profile is now available to be used in campaigns and posts:


If you are running to any issues or have any further questions, please contact our Support Team and they will be happy to help you out!

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