April 12, 2022: Calendar Views and Post Previews, Campaign List View, and Brand Ambassador Invitations

Calendar Views and Post Previews:

The calendar is now organized into a month view and a week view, providing more detailed options.

Month View  


From the month view you can now decide how you want the posts for each day to be displayed:

  • All posts - total count of posts on each day
  • By platform (pictured above) - shows how many posts are going out on each platform for each day (default view)
  • By type - show how many posts of each type are going out for each day
    • Types include:
      • Standalone posts - posts that have been manually added to the calendar
      • Employer brand campaign - posts that are scheduled to go out as part of an EB campaign schedule
      • Jobs campaign - posts that are scheduled to go out as part of a jobs campaign schedule

Week View


The week view now provides a close up schedule that allows you to decide on how you want each day's postings displayed on the calendar:

  • Time grid - shows how your posts are spread out over time for each day (displayed in your assigned user account time zone)
  • Posting events - shows a stack of all the events going out that day organized by posting time. (This replaces the view formally called "agenda", and since it can be accessed from the "week" view, we have have removed it from the main navigation side panel.)
  • Post previews (pictured above) - shows a stack of posts organized by posting time along with a preview of each post (as available for past posts). 
    • Note: this is a new view for this release, and CareerArc does not currently show previews for upcoming posts, so this view is most helpful for reviewing standalone and previously published posts. 

Views and Filters

The calendar views and filters are now saved via your browser, so if you leave the Calendar page and return, you will load the last used view and filters on the page. Simply use the reset filter option if you need to clear out the view settings. 


Campaign List View:

Our Product team has made major improvements in our Campaign list view, moving from a table-style view to a wide card-style view that provides you with a better at-a-glance summary view of each campaign. 

Campaign list


  • Status and health are clearly indicated and color-coded for a better understanding of what needs attention
  • Social platform indicators have been added on each campaign list item, so you can easily understand which platforms and profiles are being used in the campaign.

Campaign details


  • Campaign details have been moved from a modal on the page to a right panel display next to the campaign list view. This will help you save time and allow you to jump from campaign to campaign with ease. 
    • See valuable information for each campaign with a clear way to make changes on the same page. Less clicks equals more time!
    • The header section of the right panel contains the name, description, main actions, and the status and health of the campaign
    • The right side details provide a quick way to jump to different sections of your campaigns, making quick changes to schedules, assets, and timing of the campaign.

Brand Ambassador Invitations

CareerArc heard your feedback, and we worked quickly to provide a better path for your brand ambassadors to connect their social profiles for your campaigns. Company Admins of CareerArc can now invite brand ambassadors to connect and authorize social profiles without needing to login to the company account. Once connected, you can publish your job and EB campaign posts directly to the profiles linked to the company account. 


Create and customize your email invitations:



Manage your pending invitations:



Easily connect your brand ambassador profiles without needing to login to the CareerArc platform:



Whew! Those were some amazing improvements. Stay tuned for more from the CareerArc team! 


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