Using the calendar to view, edit and schedule your posts

This article will provide an overview on how to best utilize the calendar and schedule in CareerArc. 

CareerArc has built a powerful calendar overview to help you see everything that is scheduled to distribute (and has distributed) through CareerArc in a familiar calendar interface. From the calendar you can quickly add new posting schedules and one-off posts to the calendar. 

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Month view

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Post previews

Creating a post or campaign from the calendar


Viewing the Calendar 

To access the calendar select Publish > Calendar:


By default the calendar will load the default month view, showing the current month of the year with the default view of all posts by platform. The calendar is divided into two views that can be accessed on the page: Month and Week.

Month view 

By Platform: The month view shows a count of how many posts are going out each day on each platform (default view). Clicking on the number beside each social channel will show you a list of those posting events.



All Posts: Selecting the all posts option for the month view will show you the total amount of posts publishing across all of your platforms for each day.


By type: selecting the by type option will show how many posts of each type (job campaigns or EB posts) are publishing for each day. Types include: 

  • Standalone posts - posts that have been manually added to the calendar
  • Employer brand campaign - posts that are scheduled to go out as part of an EB campaign schedule
  • Jobs campaign - posts that are scheduled to go out as part of a jobs campaign schedule



Week View

The week view provides a close up schedule that allows you to decide on how you want each day's postings displayed on the calendar. 


Time grid - shows how your posts are spread out over time for each day (displayed in your assigned user account time zone).



Posting events - shows a stack of all the events going out that day organized by posting time. This is typically referred to as an "Agenda" view. 


The tiles on the posting events view contain the following information:

  • Jobs campaign or EB category title (shown in bold text)

  • Social profile

  • Platform: icon for Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook

  • Posting time: Estimated posting time

Post Previews

The post previews option will show a stack of posts organized by posting time, along with a preview of each post (as available for past posts). Note: CareerArc does not show previews for upcoming posts, so this view is most helpful for reviewing standalone and previously published posts.



Selecting a specific post

It is possible to select and view the details of a specific post from the calendar view. Hover over any post on the calendar and click on the tile. This will open up a post preview for that specific post that gives additional context for the post. The popup contains:


  • Post info/type: standalone, EB campaign, jobs campaign
  • Posting time with date
  • "Recommended" badge. This will only show for EB or Jobs campaigns that use a CareerArc recommended schedule. This badge means that the time of the post may change as we adjust the calendar and post times to adhere for best practices.
  • Job campaign or EB category title in bold
  • Post preview: this will provide a quick preview of what the post will look like on the social media channel. Depending on the content of the post, this preview may not always be available. 
  • Count of the posts posting for the campaign that day (1 of 6)
  • Schedule summary: 3 posts daily between 8am and 9 pm PDT
  • Edit schedule: for campaigns you are able to edit the schedule of the campaign. For a standalone post you are taken to the edit post detail page.

Creating a post or campaign from the calendar

The calendar view allows you to create content too! There are three types of posts you can create from this view.

  • Standalone posts: this is an Employee brand post scheduled for a specific time, disconnected form a campaign.
  • EB campaign: this is a post schedule that will pull from your EB post library for a specific EB category. 
  • Job campaign: a post schedule that publishes your content via your specific job listings and asset tagging. 



Views and Filters

The calendar views and filters are saved via your browser, so if you leave the Calendar page and return, CareerArc will load the last used view and filters on the page. Simply use the reset filter option if you need to clear out the view settings. 


The filters allow you to sort and filter by specific dates, campaign types, and even platforms or profiles. This is especially powerful when you want to see the specific types of posts going out for social profiles or campaigns.

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