How to add links to the asset library

In this article, you will learn how to add links to the CareerArc asset library.

Adding regularly used links to your asset library makes them readily available to you when building your Employer Brand templates and posts.  Examples of links you'd want to add to the library are blog post articles, career site pages, or any other relevant content you'd like to share in your EB posts.

Steps to adding links to your asset library:

To add links to the asset library select Library > Assets:                            CareerArc__6_.png

This will take you to the asset library page. On this page you can filter the assets you are viewing across the top of the page. Filter options include the asset name, labels, brands associated with the asset, EB Categories, job post settings, and media type. Many of these categorizations can be added and edited within the asset detail page.

To add a new links to your asset library select the Add Media > Other links


You'll be brought to a page where you can paste in all the links you'd like to add.  Click the "Add another link" button if you have additional links to add.


After clicking Save, you'll be brought back to the asset library where you'll see your new links at the top of the list.  You'll now want to edit the posting rules for the new links so they can be used in your EB posts.  To do this, select the name of the link and the right-side panel will open, allowing you to:


  • Edit: Select the three dots to edit the name, manage labels, or delete the hashtag.
  • Add labels: labels are used to categorize your assets, so you can find them easily via search. Labels are different than tagging images, and they have no connection to the automated posting in CareerArc. 
  • Manage EB Categories: this allows you to select specific employer brand categories where this hashtag can be used for posts.         Arc-Supreme-Dining-Demo-__10_.png

Once you have edited your posting rules, select Save to return to the asset library page.

From this page you can use the filters on the left hand side to search for specific links, and you can always edit the links and posting rules at any time by following the steps outlined above.

To delete links, check the box to the left of the link name and then hit the red "Delete" button at the top.  


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