How to add text templates to the asset library 🎦


This article will walk you through the process of adding text templates to your Assets Library. 

Reaching the right candidates is a matter connecting with your social audience using your own employer brand voice. By adding text templates, you have the ability to customize the language used in your posts to ensure your employer brand is coming through.

Steps to adding media to the asset library:

To add templates to the asset library select Library > Text Templates:


This will take you to the asset library page, showing all the text template assets already added to your account. Filter options include the asset name, labels, brands associated with the asset, EB Categories, Job post settings, asset Groups, and asset type. Many of these categorizations can be added and edited within the right-side panel when selecting a text template.

Adding Text Templates

To add new text templates to your library, select Add text template > Magic jobs, Jobs Summary, Magic EB, or Standard, depending on which type of template you're adding. You also have the option to import a list of multiple job temples (magic jobs or summary jobs) at once.



On this page you'll enter the Template Name, Template Text, and any emojis and placeholders you want to include.



  • Emojis can be added to the template by clicking on the smiley face icon.  From here you can browse or search for specific emojis to insert into the template.
  • When Placeholders are used (Job Title, Job Location, Job Category, and Brand Name), the system will automatically add the appropriate job information when posting.
  • If your template exceeds Twitter's character count (280 characters), you'll see a red exclamation mark in the lower right hand corner letting you know the template can't be used on Twitter unless shortened. Aim well under the 280 character limit if you're using placeholders, as those will increase your listed character count.

Your text template is now ready to be categorized, so it can be used in posts across the system. Select the name of the asset you would like to categorize. This will open the right-side panel for the asset, allowing you to edit the following:


  • Edit: Select the three dots to edit the name, manage labels, or delete the text template.
  • Add labels: labels are used to categorize your assets, so you can find them easily via search. Labels are different than tagging images, and they have no connection to the automated posting in CareerArc. 
  • Manage jobs: select this option to manage the jobs your text template is eligible for distribution. 
    • Off: the text template will not be used for any job posts.
    • All jobs: this text template is allowed to be used for all job posts.
    • Specific jobs: you can use our job tags filter to define the specific jobs that can use this text template in posts.Arc-Supreme-Dining-Demo-__9_.png
  • You may also bulk tag assets for job postings.

Once you have edited your posting rules, select Save to return to the asset library page.

From this page you can use the filters on the left hand side to search for specific templates, and you can always edit the templates and posting rules at any time by following the steps outlined above.

To delete text templates, check the box to the left of the template name and then select the red "Delete" option at the top. 



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