Connecting your LinkedIn recruiter or company account to CareerArc allows us to automatically post jobs to that page on your behalf and is an integral part of our automated distribution service.

Each user is able to connect their LinkedIn recruiter or company page to CareerArc. To connect a LinkedIn account to CareerArc select Publish > Social profiles from the left side menu.


Choose Add profile from the top right of the page and select the LinkedIn account option.


This will open a window where you can choose to authorize your own profile or create an invitation for another user to authorize their profile without needing to be a CareerArc user.


Select the Authorize option to authorize your own profile. Enter your username and password for the LinkedIn account you would like to connect and select the option to sign in:


Add a nickname for the account and select the profile and/or company pages that you would like to connect to CareerArc and then select Save.


Now your LinkedIn account will appear on the Social profiles page

Arc-Supreme-Dining-Demo- (1).png


Special Notes:

  • Profiles

    • CareerArc supports posting to two types of authorized LinkedIn profiles, including:

      • Company profiles

        • Profiles associated with a specific company or brand.

      • Personal profiles

        • Profiles associated with a specific person (e.g. a recruiter).

  • Authorization:

    • LinkedIn credentials are required to connect a profile with CareerArc

      • If a User’s personal LinkedIn profile is connected to company profiles, they can use their personal profile credentials to authorize all connected company profiles in a single step

      • LinkedIn requires that accounts are reauthorized every year

      • CareerArc will notify users when their profiles require reauthorization.

  • Posting policy and access:
    • CareerArc will only use profile authorizations to:
      • Post to the authorized profile(s),
      • Retrieve data about the profile (Follower Count, Profile Image, Profile link)
      • Retrieve engagement data about specific posts (Likes, Comments, etc.)
    • CareerArc DOES NOT:
      • Modify/Delete posts
      • Message or interact with your connections


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