Connecting Microsoft SharePoint to your asset sources

This article will give you step by step instructions on how to add a Microsoft SharePoint folder to your asset sources. 

Asset sources are a powerful tool in CareerArc that allows users to connect to 3rd party asset sources. Once a user connects (authorizes) an asset source, it becomes available to the user within the asset library under the Add Media options on the dash menu. Users can add an asset source to their account by selecting My account > Asset sources.


This will take the user to their asset source list page. Select Add asset source to open the available options for asset source connections. 


Select the Microsoft SharePoint option. Once you select Microsoft SharePoint, the authorization page will load from Microsoft to prompt you to accept the connection.


Select the SharePoint drive you would like to connect and then select Save. Note: to connect more drives, please add an asset source for each drive you want to connect.


Once the account is authorized and linked it will show up on the My asset sources page.


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