April 25th, 2024 – CareerArc’s main navigation update: Apps & Integrations

Drumroll please… 

We're excited to introduce our latest main navigation update: Apps & Integrations. Now access multiple updated features designed to elevate your recruitment content strategy via the sleek lightning bolt icon on the lower left navigation bar. This enhancement offers seamless access to multiple updated features designed to elevate your recruitment content strategy.

And the updates don’t end there. Previously, your available upgrades and integrations available from CareerArc were not clearly outlined.  By clicking into the new icon, you’ll be taken to a page presenting the options to delve deeper into powerful tools to promote your jobs: Lumina and Job Maps. 

You’ll find this page will help you and your team understand the full breadth of what CareerArc offers - now and moving forward. No more waiting until your next CS call to assist with a request with an upgrade, you can request DIY it when you need it.

Keep scrolling for more details. 

The nav add-on

The navigation on the lower left side of your dashboard now has a Power-ups option with a lightning bolt icon:

Clicking on Power-ups opens a page where you have the option to learn more about and/or upgrade your account to include Lumina videos and Job Maps. 

What's new: Lumina videos

Lumina introduces a revolutionary way to promote individual jobs with captivating, branded videos. Because what better way to interact with job postings other than video content?

With Lumina, now an arm of CareerArc, videos are auto-generated using content from your existing job descriptions and are ready within hours. Your company colors, logos, and style are pulled in directly. No manual effort required. To play with the integration and see how it can benefit your company, click here. 

Choose a template > Select a Job > Request a video

Additionally, if you need more than your one free credit per month, you can easily request an upgrade directly within the platform and our team will follow up. Easy, peasy! 

What else is new: Job Maps upgrade 

CareerArc's Job Maps provide a new spin on the candidate experience with an interactive, custom-branded map interface. Candidates can explore, search, and view open jobs intuitively and visually. Seamlessly auto-sync with your ATS; there's no additional maintenance once you're up and running. Elevate your brand presence and showcase your open positions effectively with brandable pins and customizable features.

To get started with this application, simply click ‘Request a Map’ and then the button to request pricing. 

You’ll hear from our team promptly with the status of your request.

Leverage these new features and streamline your recruiting efforts. Lumina Videos and Job Maps empower users to effortlessly promote jobs, leaving a lasting impression on candidates while saving time and resources. With CareerArc's latest update, making impactful hires and showcasing your brand has never been easier.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send them to our support team, and we’ll be happy to help out!

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