April 25th, 2024: Job Map search enhancements

First things first, searchability… what does that even mean?

Imagine a search engine quickly sifting through a haystack of information, finding exactly what you need. It filters through large amounts of data, organizing it neatly so you can find what you're looking for in a snap. 

What does that mean for CareerArc’s Job Map?

In short, we’ve upgraded the brain on the map's search bar.

With the application’s enhanced searchability, candidates now have an easier time finding relevant search results without having to type in exact job titles. 

The results are smarter and don't need to be an exact character-to-character match. 

For example:  If a candidate searches for "nursing" jobs, the results will show all positions with the title "nurse", and not just "nursing". 

The searchability upgrade uses keyword-centric data; a tool helps us better understand what job seekers are looking for and matches their preferences with your available positions more accurately than ever before.

Questions on the Job Maps search bar upgrade? Please reach out to your CSM or our support team

To read more about the Job Maps custom-branded map interface, including brandable pins and images, read this.

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