February 14, 2024: Ability to schedule a pause for all publishing

…It’s a holiday

…There was an earthquake

…We’re having a makeover

…We’re merging

At CareerArc, we understand there are many reasons why social media posts might need a time-out, so we’ve developed a way of making that easier for you by creating a new pause publishing feature. 

This tool allows account admins to temporarily halt the publishing of all posts across all connected profiles. You can schedule a pause to start immediately - or sometime in the future. Pauses can be edited or resumed at any time.

Where is it?

Find the pause button under Publish > Social profiles at the top right of the page:

When publishing is paused, a banner will appear across all pages of the site, and it will be visible to all users:

We will also make the pause visible in your calendar:

What to know

  1. What is paused?
    Pausing stops all publishing of any kind of post on every profile. This includes standalone posts and magic or standard posts from any type of campaign. You cannot select a subset of profiles or campaigns to bulk-pause at this time.
    Note: If you resume a pause on a date that has standalone posts scheduled, then those standalone posts will immediately be published when the pause is removed.
  1. How many pauses can I schedule?
    You can only schedule one pause at a time; multiple pauses cannot be scheduled at once. Once you’ve set up a pause, you can edit it as many times as you’d like and set up a new pause once it’s complete.

  2. How does the timing work?
    If a pause is scheduled to start the same day, then it takes effect immediately. If a pause is scheduled for the future, then posting stops at midnight Pacific Time (at the beginning of the first scheduled date), and it resumes at midnight Pacific Time (at the beginning of the last scheduled date).

  3. What happens when publishing resumes?
    When publishing resumes, all profiles will return to the state they were in before. If a profile was paused before the universal pause was put in place, it would still be paused when publishing starts up again for the active profiles.

How do I schedule and review a pause?

Check out our help center article on scheduling a pause here: Pause all publishing 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send them to our support team, and we’ll be happy to help out!

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