January 24, 2024: Update to changes made with LinkedIn preview posts

Earlier this month, CareerArc released updates to the way we publish images on LinkedIn based on LinkedIn's recent rollout of thumbnail link preview images. It's now confirmed that LinkedIn has rolled back those changes for a much more gradual release of their thumbnail previews, which is eventually coming for all users on the LinkedIn platform.

CareerArc is now rolling back our own changes in response to the LinkedIn release, so we can adjust our posting rules with LinkedIn as they slowly release the thumbnail previews to all clients. Here is a timeline of the changes we have seen with LinkedIn and our plans for going forward. 

Copy of LinkedIn Image Format Timeline.png



Nov 2023 - LinkedIn first starts rolling out their change

In late November of 2023, LinkedIn users began seeing a change in the way link previews were being displayed in LinkedIn posts. The change was that the large image above the link title and URL destination text started showing as a small thumbnail to the left of the title/description.

Mid-Dec 2023 - The LinkedIn update continues to roll out to the majority of LinkedIn users

Within a couple of weeks, many/most LinkedIn users were seeing this change. We were able to confirm, through LinkedIn’s own documentation, that they had made the change and were rolling it out for everyone sometime in December 2023.

Late-Dec 2023 - CareerArc releases an update to use attached/large images instead of link previews

CareerArc updated LinkedIn job posts so they no longer used the link preview format. Instead, the post is published with an attached image. The attached/large image highlights the client’s brand and is an important part of our “stop the scroll” best practice recommendations. Much work has gone into creating and maintaining a library of high-quality, branded image assets; and it's valuable to continue to highlight those in job posts.

Jan 2024 - LinkedIn rolled back their change for most accounts

As we continued to monitor the LinkedIn changes, it became clear in the first few weeks that we were no longer seeing the small thumbnail link previews in LinkedIn posts. It appeared that they had rolled back their recent link preview change. CareerArc was able to confirm the rollback with LinkedIn but received information stating that they still planned to move forward with the link preview change, across all accounts, with no specific information about a timeline.


Examples of LinkedIn’s original and updated formats

2nd-update-to-job-posts-published-to-LinkedIn-Q1-2024-Radically-Simple-Confluence (2).png

CleanShot 2023-12-06 at 09.43.49@2x.png

2nd-update-to-job-posts-published-to-LinkedIn-Q1-2024-Radically-Simple-Confluence (3).png

CleanShot 2023-12-06 at 09.55.11@2x.png

CareerArc’s rollback

As of today, most LinkedIn accounts (as far as we can tell) are seeing the original version of link previews rather than the version that was recently rolled back by LinkedIn. Since that is the preferred post format (large image with job title and location text showing), we are reversing our change, as well. Job posts to LinkedIn will be sent as link preview posts, and they will appear in whatever format LinkedIn is using. Currently, as mentioned, most clients are seeing the original link preview format. Once we get more definitive information or a timeline from LinkedIn regarding their plans to move forward with their link preview update, we will work to provide clients with LinkedIn job post options that meet/exceed their expectations.

Most LinkedIn users will see this format:

2nd-update-to-job-posts-published-to-LinkedIn-Q1-2024-Radically-Simple-Confluence (4).png

CleanShot 2023-12-06 at 09.43.49@2x.png

Some users may see this format (and at some point we expect this will come back for everyone as LinkedIn slowly rolls this out for all users)

2nd-update-to-job-posts-published-to-LinkedIn-Q1-2024-Radically-Simple-Confluence (5).png

CleanShot 2023-12-06 at 09.55.11@2x.png

CareerArc will continue to monitor these changes and look for ways to optimize our posting strategy with LinkedIn's changes across the platform. Please reach out to your CSM or our support team if you have any questions.


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