December 2023: LinkedIn reduces the image size in link previews to a thumbnail


LinkedIn began rolling out an update in November that impacts many users who publish large images in their link previews. As background, a link preview is an image and description of the site you're being redirected to, and clicking on any part of the preview will lead you to that site. LinkedIn's new update reduces the size of the link preview image to a thumbnail on the left of the link's description. The large, hyperlinked image and job title/location banner on CareerArc jobs campaign posts are link previews, and as such they will be impacted by the new rollout, which is expected to be applied to all LinkedIn accounts by the end of December.

Here is the new style of LinkedIn posts that include a link preview:

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 1.59.30 PM.png


The post types affected by this change are:

  • Jobs campaign posts

  • Posts that link to YouTube videos

  • Employer Brand posts that include a link and are using the link preview for the post media (i.e. no other media is attached)

Note: Jobs or EB posts that use native video will not be impacted, as native videos were never delivered as clickable link previews.


Examples of LinkedIn’s original and updated formats

Prior to the change, this was the original format for posts using the link preview:

LinkedIn Update 2023-1.png

Here is a detailed description of the updated format for posts using the link preview:

CleanShot 2023-12-06 at 09.55.11@2x.png


CareerArc’s planned update for the end of 2023

CareerArc's Product and Engineering teams are hard at work to adjust the way we publish content, to allow for a larger image preview (with no direct image link). We will update the job posts that are published to LinkedIn to no longer use the link preview format. Instead, posts will be sent with an attached image. The large image highlights the importance of your company brand and will continue to be an important part of our “stop the scroll” best practice recommendations. CareerArc recognizes the amount of work that has gone into creating and maintaining an asset library of high quality, branded image assets - and it’s valuable to continue highlighting these images in your LinkedIn job posts.

What won’t change

  • The post’s image will remain large and extend the full width of the post

  • The Bitly link to the job will show in the post caption

  • CareerArc posts for Twitter (X) and Facebook

What will change

  • The post’s image will no longer be part of a media “card” so the link title (job title/location) and URL destination will no longer be visible below or next to the image

  • The post’s image will no longer link to the job on the ATS (the viewer will need to click the Bitly link in the post caption to get to the ATS)

  • Bitly links at the end of posts will not be dropped by LinkedIn


Example of CareerArc’s updated format

This is an example of the updated CareerArc format for job posts published to LinkedIn:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.
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