November 15, 2023: Social Profile Improvements

The CareerArc team is at it again, delivering the kind of improvements you have been asking for, and this time it is all about Social Profile management and scalability. Let's take a look at all the new features in store for this release! 


Profiles and Invitations

We combined the profiles and invitations page into one page for better management and tracking of invitations. Now it is easier to find what you are looking for with the ability to search by nickname, profile name, or email address. The status filter has also been consolidate to make it easier to filter all profiles by status. 


Improved List Items

We made some changes to the list of authorizing profiles, no longer grouping these by one profile with a subset. You can quickly use our filters and search bar to see subsets of profiles. These profiles now include email addresses from the original invite, name of the social profile, nickname, status, and campaign count. 


Profile Details

Selecting a profile now opens up the profile details on the right panel of the page. Here you will see the Profile properties, the list of connected campaigns to the profile, the date added and profile owner details, and the email used for reauthorization. The invite detail page will also show connected campaigns to a pending invite. Yes, you can now add pending profiles to existing campaigns, so the profile will be publishing the moment it is authorized by the user. 



Improved Invitations

The invitation menu now allows you to setup a profile nickname for easier naming and searching of profiles across the system. 

Saint-James-Health-Centers-Demo- (1).png


Campaigns for All!

As noted above, invited social profiles can immediately be added to campaigns as schedules. This means you no longer have to come back and add profiles to a campaign after it is authorized by your brand ambassador. Manage all of the profiles, invites and campaigns from one page, allowing the campaign to go live as soon as the profile is authorized. 





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