May 16, 2023: Single Sign On (SSO) and improved social profile picker options when creating posts!

Single Sign On

We have great news at CareerArc as we have added support for Single Sign On (SSO) with the Google and Microsoft 365 platforms. Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to access multiple applications with one login and one set of credentials. This allows admins to manage users across your platforms in a central place such as Google or Office 365 for security and simplicity. 



Learn more about setting up and using Single Sign On with CareerArc.


Improved profile selection during new post creation

CareerArc also made some major improvements to the overall look and feel of the profile picker when creating a new post. Now the profile options allow for more room in the width and length of the picker, showing more of the profile names you can choose from:


You may have noticed it in the above image, but you can also use the "Select All" option to select all of the profiles under a specific social profile platform. Using the search option at the top can even filter the selected results, allowing you to narrow down the profiles you want to choose from and then selecting all the profiles from the list to schedule out your post. 



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