Understanding what posts need attention on the calendar (Calendar errors)

This article will provide an overview on how to understand and make changes based on the errors shown on calendar posts. 

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CareerArc has built a powerful calendar overview to help you see everything that is scheduled to distribute (and has distributed) through CareerArc in a familiar calendar interface. From the calendar you can quickly add new posting schedules and one-off posts to the calendar. 

Viewing the Calendar 

To access the calendar select Publish > Calendar:


By default the calendar will load the default month view, showing the current month of the year with the default view of all posts by platform. The calendar is divided into two views that can be accessed on the page: Month and Week. When viewing the calendar you can easily tell:

  1. What events are coming up and which are in the past
  2. If a post didn't publish - why?
  3. If a post is coming up, but the system can tell it will not publish - why?

Viewing errors on calendar posts

Error indicator: If a past post has failed to publish, or a future post isn't going to publish, CareerArc will outline that post in red and place a red indicator in the upper left corner everywhere a list of posts will occur (on the home page, on the month view of the calendar, and on the week view)


Error explanation: When a post in error is selected on the calendar or home page, an explanation shows at the bottom of the post preview and provides an action to solve the issue when applicable: 



Error reasons, messages, and actions

Transient Error                                                                                                                   50ea0dae-1d86-4d1d-af9f-ffc33e1e3f6e.png

    • Reason: this is a temporary error message that correct itself on the next attempt to post.

Profile authorization                                                                                      90452f69-60f3-4e6c-9a35-6e43644822db.png

    • Reason: the profile we are attempting to post to has failed authorization. The system will continue to try and post until a day has passed.
    • Call to action: select the reauthorize profile button to open the profile page in a new tab with the profile in error expanded (and all other profiles collapsed)

Rate limited                                                                                                                    191db75a-f0d6-4ae1-a962-5d68ac4ee88e.png

    • Reason: the social profile is posting too much based on the rate limits allowed for the social platform. This can be based off of one campaign schedule or multiple schedules in use for this profile. 
      • The rate limits for social profiles are:
        • Twitter: 90 posts a day
        • Facebook or LinkedIn: 25 posts a day
        • Instagram: 10 posts a day
    • Call to action: select the edit schedule button to open this campaign schedule's editing page. Note: the rate limit is across all schedules for this individual social profile, so you may need to adjust the schedule on other campaigns as well.

Duplicate content                                                                                                                                                  8bfa70d4-d3d8-453a-bff1-fc6ed187b1eb.png

    • Reason: if a social profile account attempts to post the same post multiple times in a row, the social platform will block it from posting.
    • Call to action: select the update and reschedule button to open the post editing screen to update the posts's content.

Unhandled error                                                                                                       d21bfea4-14bc-434a-ac65-65a753c5b73f.png

    • Reason: an error occurred on the social platform side that did not allow us to post the content. we will attempt to post again on 3 separate attempts (Scheduled time, 10 minutes later, 2 hours later). The most common reason here would be a temporary disruption with the social platform itself. 

Future profile authorization error                                                                                       10193be2-7c28-42fb-9a14-b87648180728.png

    • Reason: the profile we're scheduled to post to is currently failing authorization
    • Note: Schedules for paused campaigns or paused profiles don’t show on the calendar
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